La Chinata Truffle Oil is aromatic oil elaborated with the best extra virgin olive oil and a selection of the best black truffle “Tuber Aestmum Vittad”, characterized by its singular and aromatic smell and its extremely pleasant flavour. It has a sweet touch and it is perfect to cook lots of recipes, it is very frequently used in haute cuisine, thanks to its characteristic taste and delicate penetrating aroma that offers a unique experience for the palate.

Tuber Aestmum Vittad variety is also known as summer truffle. Its appearance is black or black with brown tones and slightly bright and its size can reach 7mm. This little mushroom, that grows close to the roots of some trees, mainly holm oaks and oaks, has a great gastronomic value and also has high fibre content, besides it is a great source of iron and potassium.

Talking about pairings, it’s perfect to be combined with red wine and also it is suitable to be used in a lot of recipes of red meats, eggs, pasta, sauces, pizza, risotto, vegetables, potatoes and foie.

La Chinatta Truffle Oil 250 ml Origin : Spain