Made with care – We use 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives nor additives and without artificial coloring. Our Multi Grain Rice Cracker is simple and honest. Our goal is to provide customers with healthy, natural and delicious food, prepared in a natural friendly manner.

You can enjoy BW Rice Crackers as a sandwich with peanut butter, simply with yogurt, preserves or your favorite toppings or spread. It’s a healthy breakfast, snack or bite and healthy substitute for kropok. Eat BW Rice Crackers right out of the bag and put your topping on them. BW Rice Crackers is also great with savory spreads and dips like hummus, salsa, cheese or your favorite chili paste.

Ingredients : Special Organic Jasmine Rice (low sugar), Organic Brown Rice, Organic Black Rice, Pearl Barley, Organic Flax seeds, Selected Corn Grits, Sea Salt and Water.