STAR Jams & Spread have high quality products made from real fruits. It is made in Indonesia and certified by Indonesian FDA (BPOM). We have 2 grades of jams, premium and regular. What makes this brand unique is the new lifestyle jams such as greentea, choconut, choco cookies and many other variant that you might not find in other brand.

We are selling STAR Jams & Spread in Bali for HORECA market in bulk, with the size from 500 g to 2 Kg per bag. We are using food grade plastic packaging to ensure the quality of the product.

Here are the variants :

Strawberry Jam
Pineapple Jam
Mixed Berries Jam
Pink Guava Jam
Mango Jam
Banana Jam
Soursop Jam
Chocolate Spread
Choconut Spread
Chocolate with Cookies Spread
Chocolate Green Tea with Cookies Spread
Green Tea Spread
Peanut Butter Spread
Honey Peanut Butter Spread
White Chocolate Banana Spread
Black Sesame Spread