It’s called rainbow rice because our organic rice variant consists of 3 kinds of organic rice which are packaged into one. Rainbow Rice Organic Beras Hotel is a combination of organic black rice, organic brown rice, and organic pandan wangi white rice.

Organic black rice is famous for its status as a super food. Organic black rice is a good source of high antioxidants for cancer prevention and treatment. Organic brown rice itself is already famous as a substitute for white rice which is much healthier. Having higher nutrition and fiber, but lower sugar when compared to white rice, makes organic brown rice the right choice for those on a diet. Organic pandan wangi white rice itself is a rice that is preferred by many people because the resulting rice has a natural pandan scent and fluffier texture, making this organic fragrant white pandanus rice delicious and delicious to eat.

These three superior organic rice are combined and packaged in one package, producing Rainbow Rice Organic Rice Hotel, where all the benefits and benefits of rice are found in one package